DiarRice™ Digestive Support for Dogs and Puppies

DiarRice™ is the only over the counter canine probiotic with prebiotic that has been proven to support a strong immune system in your dog while it nutritionally addresses the symptoms and discomfort of dog diarrhea.

photo of DiarRice a probiotic for dog diarrhea

A unique formulation of digestible rice, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, fiber and probiotics to support the digestive tract of dogs developed by a veterinarian and pet food scientists.

Diarrice™ is the patent-pending breakthrough formulation of rice and probiotics developed by a veterinarian and pet food scientists to address the specific needs of dogs that are experiencing the discomforts of diarrhea.  Get DiarRice now or read on to learn more about how and why DiarRice works so well!

Many people trust their own instincts and give their dogs rice from their kitchen pantries thinking that 'if it works for me, it should work on my dog'.  Unfortunately, rice that is sold in grocery stores for human consumption is usually in whole grain form - which dogs cannot digest.  Their sensitive digestive tract is not able to process these grains, leading to even more stress on their already irritated GI tract.

Trust your Instincts

Your instinct to offer rice is almost right - your dog just needs specially processed rice and the right probiotic blend to treat the runny stools, stomach upset, foul smell and gas that your dog is suffering from when they get diarrhea.

Diarrice™ gives your dog everything their gut needs to restore a healthy and balanced digestive system and strengthen their immune system.

  • High quality probiotic supplement for dogs with diarrhea
  • Supports a healthy digestive system in dogs
  • Can be given daily or just when diarrhea symptoms appear
  • Delectable chicken and pumpkin flavor
  • Includes high quality dietary fiber
  • All natural
  • Prebiotics work  fast to relieve diarrhea discomfort
  • Blends well with canned or dried food
  • Made in the USA by a practicing veterinarian and pet probiotic scientists

When you need it this is worth more than you paid for it by far.
I wanted to thank YOU!!! My dalmatian Charlie must have eaten something horrible on the beach. I have been praising her ‘nuclear stomach’ for 5 years! She has gotten into numerous shenanigans over the last years and not once has she gotten sick. This time it was HORRIBLE. To the point where she was drinking water and at the same time spray-pooping water. (sorry for the visual) After 2 servings of Diarrice her diarrhea completely stopped and after 1 more day, she was back to normal. I gave the rest of the product to my colleague at work, her dog is going through Chemo Therapy and Diarrice is helping tremendously with her dogs digestion. Besides your product being excellent, your care and customer service is outstanding!!! BRAVO

Do You Know What’s In the Diarrhea Remedies You Are Giving Your Dog?

Diarrice®FortiFlora®Pepto Bismol®Kaopectate®Boiled ChickenBoiled Rice GrainsPumpkin
Proprietary blend of probiotic strains to rebalance intestinal flora, reduce pathogenic micro-organisms and toxins in GI tract
Addresses foul smell and gas
Supports a healthy canine immune system
Contains antioxidants
Prebiotic blend to help probiotics work faster
All natural ingredients
Easily digestible
Reduces gas and discomfort, soothes digestive tract
Firms stools
Formulated just for dogs and puppies
Contains stool firming pectin
Contains bismuth which may be harmful to certain dogs
Easy to feed chicken liver and pumpkin flavor dogs love
Contains rice in an easily digestible form
Works practically overnight