Dog Diarrhea Treatment and Remedies

What does DiarRice™ do?  Why does it work practically overnight?

When your dog or puppy gets diarrhea, you might have reached for rice from your kitchen pantry in the past. But did you know that nearly all grocery store rice products you cook for your family are not easily digestible by dogs and puppies?

It’s true. The digestive systems of dogs and puppies have not evolved to process grains the way that human digestive systems have. To get the benefits of rice in a dog’s digestive system, DiarRice™ processes the rice into a form that their bodies can absorb. No other dog dietary supplement can make that claim. DiarRice™ is the patent-pending formulation that offers rice in a digestible form with a proprietary probiotic composition that soothes and protects a dog’s sensitive GI tract.

The BIG Secret Why DiarRice™ is so good for your dog…

Every ingredient in DiarRice™ is included because it supports good digestive health in your dog.

Your dog’s digestive tract is delicately balanced and if it becomes unbalanced, conditions such as diarrhea can, and will, occur. Our unique blend of five probiotics gives the optimal mixture of probiotics to restore and maintain a delicate balance of good flora in the intestines. We incorporate only the best, natural ingredients in our formulation so that you get the purest and most effective form of each ingredient.

Flavor-rich Formula Dogs Love

Admittedly, rice doesn’t have much flavor and getting dogs to eat rice straight out-of-the-box is difficult at best. Adding butter or gravy or other flavorings to white rice to get your dog to eat it is counter-productive to what you are trying to accomplish in the first place – which is to calm the GI tract down and restore the chemical balance in the intestines to a more neutral state.

We have blended DiarRice™ with chicken and pumpkin flavors that your dogs will enjoy bite-after-bite. Our savory mixture tempts their keen senses of smell, and when you serve DiarRice™, they can’t wait to chow down on something that is actually good for them and will help soothe their condition.

What makes DiarRice™’s Advanced Rice and Probiotic Formula so Incredibly Effective?

  • Contains specially processed rice that dogs can easily digest
  • Includes five probiotics that soothe and protect a dog’s delicate GI tract as it addresses the symptoms of dog diarrhea including runny stools, stomach discomfort, and foul smell
  • Flavored with chicken liver and pumpkin that dogs love to eat
  • Formulated by a practicing veterinarian and animal nutritionists to be safe, gentle and fast-acting
  • Eight-ounce container has a long shelf life so you will have plenty of DiarRice™ on hand for the next time your dog or puppy gets diarrhea.
Diarrice®FortiFlora®Pepto Bismol®Kaopectate®Boiled ChickenBoiled Rice GrainsPumpkin
Proprietary blend of probiotic strains to rebalance intestinal flora, reduce pathogenic micro-organisms and toxins in GI tract
Addresses foul smell and gas
Supports a healthy canine immune system
Contains antioxidants
Prebiotic blend to help probiotics work faster
All natural ingredients
Easily digestible
Reduces gas and discomfort, soothes digestive tract
Firms stools
Formulated just for dogs and puppies
Contains stool firming pectin
Contains bismuth which may be harmful to certain dogs
Easy to feed chicken liver and pumpkin flavor dogs love
Contains rice in an easily digestible form
Works practically overnight