“When you need it this is worth more than you paid for it by far.”  M.C.  10/4/2016

“I wanted to thank YOU!!! My dalmatian Charlie must have eaten something horrible on the beach. I have been praising her ‘nuclear stomach’ for 5 years! She has gotten into numerous shenanigans over the last years and not once has she gotten sick. This time it was HORRIBLE. To the point where she was drinking water and at the same time spray-pooping water and blood (sorry for the visual)
After 2 servings of Diarrice her diarrhea completely stopped and after 1 more day, she was back to normal. I gave the rest of the product to my colleague at work, her dog is going through Chemo Therapy and Diarrice is helping tremendously with her dogs digestion.
Besides your product being excellent, your care and customer service is outstanding!!! BRAVO

“I found an article about this product so I thought I’d try it.  It took a little longer than 2 days for the diarrhea to leave, but each day was a huge improvement.  Love this stuff!”  M. Harriman 8/22/2017

“It really works!  Tried everything else…rice & scrambled eggs, pumpkin, etc.  One dose of this did the trick and didn’t even give a full dose.”  Joyce K  5/4/2017

“Worked amazingly for our puppy golden retriever.  She had diarrhea for 2 days before we received Diarrice.  We had already tried rice and chicken and pumpkin puree but nothing was helping.  We gave her Diarrice for dinner and when she went the next morning, it was fixed!  We’ve been through diarrhea with her before and can confidently say it doesn’t fix itself like this.  We will definitely keep this on hand.”  Devillionaire 1/20/2017

“My German Shepherd puppy has a VERY sensitive stomach with several bouts of loose stools over her 7 months of life.  This product is a God send, after her recent bout of diarrhea, this cured her tummy problems in 2 days.  THANK YOU!!! Will use forever!!” Aline 1/19/2017

I will definitely tell all my friends about it – keep up all the good work!!”  A.C. 4/18/2017

“I sprinkled 2 scoops (60 lb dogs) over each dog’s dry food twice daily and my boys gobbled it up.  By the end of the 2nd day, their stools were back to ‘normal’.”  J. H. 10-23-16

“My dog gets diarrhea somewhat infrequently but I am very cautious about what I feed him as a result.  I have tried having canned pumpkin on hand but he wasn’t too interested in eating it.  I got this diarrice for dogs recently and it has been effective in treating his bouts of diarrhea.  I cannot say enough good things about this product.”  Carol 10-21-16

“My puppy Buckeye means the world to me and when he has a sour stomach it hurts me.  It hurts me double as I feel the pain for my baby boy Buckeye but I also have to pick it up.  I gave him Diarrice, he ate it up…About an hour or so after he ate we went for a walk.  Where he had bad diarrhea in the morning, it flipped to normal solid stool in the evening.”  B.B.  10-18-16