When is Dog Diarrhea an Emergency?

When is Dog Diarrhea an Emergency? As a dog owner, it’s essential to understand the difference between a mild case of upset stomach and a potentially life-threatening emergency. Knowing when your canine companion’s diarrhea warrants a visit to the vet can be crucial in ensuring their health and well-being. We’ll explore the signs of when Read More

Hunting Dogs and Diarrhea

When your dog comes down with diarrhea or runny stools it could be a cause for concern or it might be a simple issue you can take care of at home.  In most cases, diarrhea is simply caused by a change in diet, whether intentional or unintentional.  SportingDogPro.com   Dogs that have returned from hunting Read More

Prebiotics for Dogs

There are quite a few probiotic powders for dogs on the market.  Some are good.  Others, like DiarRice, are excellent.  What is the distinction between a really good probiotic and an okay one? As a consumer and dog owner, you probably want to know that the ingredients in the probiotic you give to your dog Read More

What to Give a Dog for Diarrhea?

From time to time, dogs can and will get diarrhea.  Whether it is because of a change in diet, or stress, or digging up some smelly thing in the backyard and eating it, your dog’s digestive system will react to the “digestive intruders” in the most unpleasant way.  Being prepared for these inevitable episodes will Read More