Hunting Dogs and Diarrhea

When your dog comes down with diarrhea or runny stools it could be a cause for concern or it might be a simple issue you can take care of at home.  In most cases, diarrhea is simply caused by a change in diet, whether intentional or unintentional.


Dogs that have returned from hunting trips with diarrhea is a common reason for patients to visit Dr. Jeff’s vet office.  Some dogs just seem to get into everything out in the field and what they get into typically can interfere with their normal digestive processes.

Pond water, or any change in water, is a reason that dogs can come down with a case of diarrhea.  If your dog is water sensitive, try bringing water from home or pack some bottled water for them to drink in the field.  Dogs get thirsty no matter what the temperature and you will want to make sure there is plenty of safe drinking water for them throughout the day.

Chewing on sticks or things that smell interesting can also cause diarrhea in dogs.  Trash that people have left outdoors is another reason for diarrhea.  Dogs should be kept away from garbage as much as possible as it can contain harmful or spoiled foodstuffs that dogs just should not eat.

For the hunting dogs that return home with a case of diarrhea, we make sure that they have a supply of DiarRice to take home with them.  It will address their current condition practically overnight.  Importantly, it is good to start them off on a few servings of DiarRice before their next outing to keep diarrhea from spoiling the next hunting trip.  When DiarRice is used in this way, we have found that hunting dogs do not contract diarrhea either from eating something or from the stress of the hunt.