Prebiotics for Dogs

There are quite a few probiotic powders for dogs on the market.  Some are good.  Others, like DiarRice, are excellent.  What is the distinction between a really good probiotic and an okay one?

As a consumer and dog owner, you probably want to know that the ingredients in the probiotic you give to your dog are good quality and natural.  Not all probiotics for dogs treat all conditions or support overall digestive health.  DiarRice, for example, is a product that has been expressly formulated to treat diarrhea in dogs.  Although there are other benefits that DiarRice provides such as overall good digestive health and a balanced GI tract, its ability to quickly address the discomfort and symptoms of diarrhea is what makes this product unique among all probiotics that you might want to choose for your dog.

The reason DiarRice works so fast is that it also has a prebiotic in its patent-pending formula.  You can think of a prebiotic as “food” that feeds the good flora in your dogs gut.  When bad flora outnumbers good flora, and bad flora is secreting toxins, an imbalance occurs in a dog’s GI tract causing discomfort and diarrhea.  DiarRice delivers good flora to your dog, and DiarRice’s prebiotic feeds that flora so it can proliferate and overpower and dramatically outnumber the bad flora.

There are a lot of probiotic powders on the market for dogs.  Probiotic microorganisms do not live very long in a dog’s gut.  By incorporating a prebiotic with the diarrhea-specific probiotics in DiarRice, it gives the good flora an advantage over the bad flora when it comes to longevity and reproduction.  More good flora means the gut returns to a balanced state quicker…and that means a quicker resolution to the diarrhea symptoms your dog experiences.

How fast can DiarRice work?

Pictured above is Buckeye.  Buckeye’s owner was able to have DiarRice delivered the very same day thanks to Amazon same day delivery.  Buckeye’s owner reported that the dog had diarrhea in the morning and solid stools at night after one serving of DiarRice.

It is not always possible to take your dog to see the vet for every diarrhea episode – especially with puppies like Buckeye that get into things they shouldn’t.   But if you have DiarRice at home, you will save yourself a trip to the vet and a vet bill.  You will also save your dog a day or two of discomfort they don’t have to suffer.