What to Give a Dog for Diarrhea?

From time to time, dogs can and will get diarrhea.  Whether it is because of a change in diet, or stress, or digging up some smelly thing in the backyard and eating it, your dog’s digestive system will react to the “digestive intruders” in the most unpleasant way.  Being prepared for these inevitable episodes will help your dog recover faster than waiting for a vet appointment or waiting until you can get to a store to buy something that might help.

First of all, you should know that all diarrhea episodes are not minor or usual.  Some are actually signs of a more serious medical condition.  If after trying a few home remedies for a day or two you see no progress at all, then it is time to get an expert medical opinion from your vet.  Your dog may have contracted a parasite or more dire condition that only a vet can diagnose and treat.

That being said, most diarrhea in normally healthy dogs can be addressed easily at home.  Many people, vets included, suggest a bland diet of white rice and chicken.  This will not work for most cases of diarrhea because neither of these foodstuffs address the underlying cause of diarrhea in dogs which is an imbalance in their digestive system.  Fiber from rice won’t fix the toxins or the smell or the gas associated with diarrhea episodes although it will help with the texture of their bowel movement.   The problem is balance.  Unless you fix the problem, things like rice and pectin won’t do anything but put a temporary bandage on the situation.

Dr. Jeff developed DiarRice for most cases of dog diarrhea.  This is something every dog parent should have in their medicine cabinet or pantry for the inevitable next time their dog gets diarrhea.  It’s going to happen at some point this year.  Why not be prepared?  Unlike other over the counter medications for diarrhea in dogs, DiarRice contains the right probiotics that address the underlying cause:  intestinal imbalance by replacing bad bacteria with good bacteria.  DiarRice promotes gut health, aids in digestion, suppresses the growth of gas producing bacteria, aids in fighting off diseases, helps food absorption, helps eliminate toxins and resets the pH balance.

It is made just for dogs and their unique needs.  Not cats and not people.  Using things like Pepto Bismol and Imodium to treat dog diarrhea come with their own risks.  Why risk your dog’s health and suffer another day of discomfort?  Stock your pantry with the only dog diarrhea treatment that is formulated by a vet with a taste dog’s love.  Get DiarRice for your dog and your peace of mind.